A downloadable gravity for Windows

I was just trying to make a really simple plat-former inside the programming game engine Love2D. After some trying to get jumping mechanics, i saw you could change specific variables to make gravity your own cool effect. I then added where you can modify these variables without knowing programming and BAM, gravity simulator.

Install instructions

Open the .zip, extract it to your desktop, you can either open the "Graviton.exe" thats outside the "data" folder or go into the "data" folder and manually ope the "Graviton.exe". When you run it, left click to increase gravity, right click to decrease gravity. Shift+left click to increase acceleration, shift+right click to decrease acceleration. If you make the gravity to love, down the down arrow/'s' key for your character to crouch down, fall fast, and reset gravity/acceleration.


Graviton.zip 4 MB